“The promise of patient convenience without the extra burden has won Bright.md a growing fan club among hospitals and medical groups.
- AVIA Innovator Network

“New telepresence doctor visits from companies like ... Bright.md deliver house calls via your mobile phone or computer, eliminating the need for the elderly to travel to a doctor.
- HuffPost

“Before you actually talk to your doctor, [SmartExam] gathers basic data. The app dynamically adapts the questions according to your answers. Using AI, it will give your doctor a preliminary diagnosis treatment plan.
- Wired

“Thank you, thank you. I was able to get relief so much faster than driving to a clinic. The instructions were thorough and easy to understand. This is smart health care.
- Adventist Patient, 2018

“I have never been more excited about healthcare. We have six kids; it would be a nightmare to find sitters, wait at the office and for prescriptions. I did not feel like getting dressed let alone leaving the house! This is ingenious!
- Patient, Greenville Health System, 2018

“Very fast and effective way to get treated without going to a doctor's office and waiting. It only took about 15 minutes from the time I started the exam to get medications called into my pharmacy.
- Patient, Palmetto Health 2018

“I live 85 miles from my doctor. This service saved a long trip and I was treated properly.
- Patient, Presbyterian Health, 2018

“It was so convenient and easy to use. I didn't have to take time off work or get extra tests that were not needed. I had no waiting in a waiting room full of sick people and was able to pick my prescription up right after work. Awesome!
- Patient, Presbyterian Health, 2018

“My favorite thing about SmartExam is that it automatically picks diagnosis and treatment and I can easily change this if needed.”
- Provider, Providence Health Systems, 2018

“My favorite thing about SmartExam is the ability to access it from anywhere with an internet connection.”
- Provider, Providence Health Systems, 2018

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November 7, 2018

Winona Health to offer $40 teleconsultations to its patients


Winona Health in Minnesota is launching a telemedicine program that will let consumers have remote consultations with Winona doctors.

The rural health provider is working toward adoption of value-based contracts as it focuses on community wellness, says Rachelle Schulz, CEO at Winona. The organization includes a 49-bed hospital, 110-bed nursing home and more than 90 other providers.

“We are committed to improving access to high-quality care that is also convenient and affordable,” she explains. “Between busy schedules and high-deductible insurance, convenience and affordability are increasingly important to people.”

The delivery system is working with telehealth vendor Bright.md and electronic health record vendor Cerner on the initiative.

Bright.md’s SmartExam virtual care platform enables patients to seek care for more than 400 medical conditions using a smartphone or computer. Providers can review information from the patient, the electronic medical record and other sources, and the records are automatically updated after treatment. Patients will receive treatment plans and any necessary prescriptions often within an hour.

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